We’ll Help You Get On Track

Fiduciary, independent financial planning has traditionally been limited to only the wealthy.

No longer! At MyFirstFinancialPlanner.com™, we provide financial planning services for people who need it most. For years, the financial planning profession has been derided for not offering advice and services to people who could most benefit; those who earn just enough to pay the bills but don’t seem to be able to save for the future.

We formed  MyFirstFinancialPlanner.com™ to deliver advice to these people. Due to both a desire to work with the rest of America and advances in technology that allow us to provide a high level of service with lowered overhead costs, we are able to bring financial planning to you.

Read about the MyFirstFinancialPlanner.com™ process to learn how we have been able to do this, or click the the green “Start” button from any page to begin completing our secure, online financial planning questionnaire.


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